The Break Up (2006)

Rather than pick this movie apart by pointing to various clichés or to one-dimensional characters, I'd like to acknowledge it for what it tries to say: Lay down your own life for the one you love.

I thought the film was very well focused on the title subject. It got the relationship out of the way before the opening credits were done and got right down to it: the break up. And a heartbreaking one at that. It reminded me a bit of the War of the Roses, Danny deVito's film about a couple at eachother's throats. Fortunately, this new film ends more amicably than it's 1980's counterpart.

What is striking too is how much they love each other through the entire split and afterward. How is it that two people can do so much harm to someone they love? Why does love not counter the hurt with confession and forgiveness? I enjoyed how Vince Vaughn's selfish, video game addicted character truly becomes repentant once he realizes that his girl still loves him. I also enjoyed watching Jennifer Aniston's uptown girl character hopes and hopes that her boy will be the first to back down and apologize.

Really these are childish games with real adult hurts. What was a little shocking was that many of the dialogues seemed to come straight from my kitchen. Gosh! Amber, I'm sorry! Let me know next time you feed my lines to a screenwriter!! Really, I think couples should watch this just to recognize destructive patterns in their own relationships. I'm grateful that Amber and I can rise above communication barriers and let love rule.

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Amber said...

(Warning - If you haven't seen this movie and want to , don't read my comment) Ha! You're the only (aspiring) screeenwriter that I am feeding any lines to Zaak:) It was interesting how familiar some of the dialogue was, I had to chuckle at how the characters sounded like me and you a couple of times. Thankfully we fight fair when we do fight hey. I was impressed that the couple didn't end up together, that was very un-hollywoodish.