Brüno (2009)

Sacha Baron Cohen brings a second satirical character to the big screen with Brüno, an Austrian homosexual model with aspirations of being überfamous.

There isn't much point in writing a plot as the movie didn't have much of one nor did it need one. Similar to its first cousin Borat, the film is done in a documentary style with Brüno inciting his interviewees with outrageous comments, flagrant sexual depictions and come ons, and exposing America for what it truly is: homophobic, capitalistic, fame crazed, and cannibalistic. Cohen goes further by drawing the viewers into the film and shocking them into repulsion.

I have no intention of ruining the film by sharing the funniest/most disgusting parts, so I'll stop my analysis there, though I didn't find the film as compelling as Borat.

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