When Nietzsche Wept (2007)

It is sad when talented people do not have the resources available to produce essentially great works. So is the case in this film which should have been rewritten and had better visual effects for the dream sequences (as they were, it seemed like 80's television).

The story is a great one: Nietzsche and Dr. Breuer (Freud's mentor) team up to put a new philosophy into practice. The problems, lust and self-hatred, is age old and the solution appears beyond the men's grasp. As they descend towards a nihilistic and hopeless end, it is their friendship and the loving people around them that bring them salvation.

Armand Assante deserves special mention for his portrayal of the tortured Friedrich Nietzsche. He is very articulate and his eyes (and moustache) give away the essence of his loneliness.

I read in another review that the temptresses weren't given the depth of character that they had in the novel on which the film is based. It is certain that these great minds would not have solely been tempted physically, but would also have been drawn to like minded and affectionate women.

Truth: Irregardless of our philosophies, love is the engine that drives us to do things for the other.


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