Drillbit Taylor (2008)

I still can't figure out who the target audience for this film is. The adult humour in some parts of the film isn't suitable for pre-adolescent children, but the themes and such seem a bit infantile for adolescents. Having said that, I half enjoyed this film - which is more than I anticipated.

Three high school freshmen become the brunt of a threatening bully and seek out the help of a bodyguard... meanwhile, elsewhere in L.A., a homeless beggar decides to offer his services as a bodyguard (that's Owen Wilson). He scams the kids, but the kids grow on him and ultimately it's a happy ending.

If the word "dweeb" makes you laugh, you'll probably find everything in this film to be hilarious. If not, then Wilson's one liners will likely be your sole entertainment (ex. "How about a British Columbian girl? Doesn't that sound like a pretty potent combination?"). The acting is as best as it can be with puddle-deep characters.

Truth: Your best self-defense is to courageously be yourself.

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