Brick (2005)

This is a slick film about a murder mystery at a high school. 

Brendan's ex-girlfriend is found dead. He sets out with the help of a friend to unravel the entire system that resulted in Emily's death. The drug underworld is dangerous, but Brendan has guts and motive to go deep.

The most stunning part of the film is the writing which is done in a 50's detective style - fast paced, loaded with jargon, and narrated. It truly keeps you glued to the story. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of Third Rock from the Sun fame) is superb as a smart, angst-ridden teen. The rest of the acting is good and ultimately the characters are sympathetic. 

The story does heavily play on revenge and though Brendan seems to be able to justify his actions, he does present a bit of a god-complex.

Truth: Kingdoms fall because of betrayal. Betrayal is caused by either greed or lust of the betrayer or by injustice by the betrayed.

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