Låt den rätte komma in (2008)

Let the Right One In is an intimate and gory tale of revenge and love. It is far less glamourous than other vampire movies made - kind of gritty like the Night Watch and Day Watch films from Russia - perhaps because it comes from Sweden, not the United States.

A boy, low on the social status at school, befriends a new neighbour girl who doesn't leave her apartment much. Her father involves himself in collecting fresh blood in some of the most graphic and disturbing scenes of any film I've seen - his daughter feeds on the blood as she is an ancient and lonely vampire.

The relationship between the two young ones is both disturbing and comforting. Not an easy film by any means and there does run the risk of glorifying some of the violence, but I believe the frankness of the scenes pushes us from enjoying them. I'm not a vampire flick fan, but the film is very well made.

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