The Last Kiss (2006)

This is an American take of the Italian movie L'Ultimo Bacio. It explores themes of commitment, desire, temptation, confession, forgiveness, and humility.

Michael's girlfriend is everything he wants. She's pregnant and it is apparent to him that this will likely be his last girlfriend. Enter the forbidden fruit comes in the form of a flirty and petite college student. Michael must decide and live with the consequences. We see alternate universes of men and their choices through Michael's men friends resplendent with broken relationships.

The first half of the film is close to cliché romantic drama, trying to draw on the magic actor Zach Braff bred into his signature role in Garden State. There is vulgarity trying to appeal to men watching the film and sensitivity to keep the women happy - but they don't work very well. Once the drama picks up though, the characters really lay it on thick and the emotion is palpable giving the film its real substance.

Truth: There are no substitutes for humility, honesty, confession, and forgiveness.

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