He Was a Quiet Man (2007)

The surreal and dreamlike feel compounded with lack of a zest for life reminded me over and over of Joe vs. the Volcano.

An almost unrecognizable Christian Slater plays a disgruntled office worker who fantasizes about shooting his coworkers. His fish at home ridicule him each day he returns home unsuccessful. An unexpected event makes him reconsider his dreams.

The fascinating part of this film is its originality and fable-like story telling. Slater is compelling and mildly sympathetic. Life and death are states of being and are accentuated with bright colours and drab cubicles that blend in with the sky.

The film is morose, but the contrast gives us a desire to inject life into ourselves and others.

Truth: Life has meaning when it is lived for others and the focus is drawn off of ourselves.

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