Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

As golden as the title suggests and a killer ensemble cast to boot! 

Characterizing aspects of the failed American dream, a family of misfits headed by a highly motivated father go on a road trip across several states to give their daughter a chance to compete in the finals of the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. the adventures swell with the highly volatile relationships crammed in a VW bus. 

The beauty this film is charged with is the sincerity each character has towards their pursuits, be they a successful book deal, winning the pageant, becoming a fighter pilot, winning the love of a student, sex or holding the family together. Honestly makes the film.

Poignant writing and whimsical soundtrack keep the film moving at a steady pace along with seamless editing. Acting in the film won numerous awards as well.

Truth: No matter how screwed up a family is, love can make it bearable. Passing through trials can draw family together and be the substance of life itself.

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