Choke (2008)

This bold and dark comedy is based on a novel by the same author as Fight Club. There are very few liberties that are not taken which make this a very vulgar film, but at the same time, it is one of the tenderest and most honest ones I've seen in a while.

Victor (played by the stellar Sam Rockwell) is a sex addict. He attends meetings, but is unable to begin step 4 in his journey of healing. Victor regularly visits his demented mother in a posh asylum that he pays for by scamming diners by pretending to choke. It's a complex and literary set up. In the end, he just wants to know who his father was and to be loved.

I love that the movie doesn't make light of anything - be it the strippers, the anonymous sex, mental illness, addictions, the need to be loved and to belong to a family. Respect rules the telling of the tale and this makes it a masterpiece. 

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