Catch and Release (2006)

Worst movie I've reviewed so far. Strange Brew and Get Smart Again! beat this one hands down.

This is a boring movie with pretty people. The story tries too hard to be original and decidedly flops, like the fish that are caught and released in the film.

The central eye-candy is Jennifer Garner. Her fiancée dies and she end up falling in love with one of his friends. But which one? Will it be the friendly, low-self-esteem friend? Will it be the one who has secretly crushed on her for years? Or will it be the one she catches having sex at the funeral? She must choose you see because her heart isn't only broken by the death of her man, but also from having found out that he had been cheating on her for years. Yes friends, this drama stinks.

The writer director, Susannah Grant, made a name for herself by writing Erin Brokovich. She couldn't get too outlandish and shallow on that one I suppose because it was based on a true story.

The only decent acting came from Kevin Smith (of Silent Bob fame) and Juliette Lewis. The others were pretty one-dimensional and single-minded. This is funny because Smith and Lewis are protraying pretty shallow people.

If you get stuck watching this one, don't worry, it won't linger in your mind too long.

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April said...

Wow, what a surprise! (NOT). This is the type of movie that is so painful to watch... but you keep watching it just in case it gets better