Vacation (1983)

As I'm not usually one for slapstick, gross, and plotless comedies, I can't say that I enjoyed this as much as some might. Some jokes stood out however and for that, I have to give it some credit.

Chevy Chase leads the cast of psychotic Americans who you hope never to encounter in real life. The Griswold family heads out on its first film adventure (at least 3 more follow) as they drive from the midwest to a west coast theme park. Of course things begin to go wrong before they leave and for me this was the highlight of the film:

Eugene Levy cameos as a car salesman who has screwed up badly and failed to get the vacation wagon that the Griswolds ordered months in advance. Instead he is offering a dreadfully ugly station wagon. He sadly asks Clark Griswold "You don't like the metallic pea?"
What lacks in the film is real story telling. We move from comedy sketch to comedy sketch across the country without really being able to sympathize with the characters. Sure it's funny, but it's forgettable.


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