Rendition (2007)

The realm of ethics is brought to the forefront in this chilling rendition of the War on Terror.

An Egyptian born American is captured by the CIA when he disembarks from a plane. No one is notified as he is whisked off to a non-descript north African nation where he is subsequently questioned - with extreme prejudice. His wife begins her search for him in D.C. and runs into dead ends.

There are several sub-plots: the politicians in Washington, the family of the captor, the interrogation in Africa, the police chief's daughter in Africa and her fundamentalist boyfriend. I feel the film tries to teach too much about the perils of torture rather than making a compelling case against it with a very personal story. In essence it takes every argument for and against and turns it into a character.

The film does bring an important issue to light and there are some notable performances, especially by Omar Metwally who outshines the star studded cast.

Truth: When we go into the business of justice without the blindfold, justice becomes the victim.

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