District 9 (2009)

This is such a bold, imaginative, and well made film that it is difficult to know where to begin. Peter Jackson gave this kid director a shot at making whatever he wanted and District 9 is the result. Thanks Peter Jackson!

Twenty years ago an alien ship descended upon Johannesburg, South Africa. Inside were thousands of languishing aliens who became refugees that settled in districts surrounding the city. The prawns (as they are soon called) and humans don't get along super well, but they coexist as long as they stay in their own areas. When a corporation is given the task of caring for the space refugees, a resettlement program is put into effect and all hell breaks loose.

What is absolutely stunning about this film is that it is a perfect alien movie, a perfect study on apartheid, and a perfect comedy. It is shot as a combination documentary about the events mixed with live action as it follows the adventures of Wikus van der Merwe, a supervisor at the corporation. 

Just fantastic!

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