Watchmen (2009)

This year's big budget graphic novel epic has arrived following the massive successes of 300 and Sin City. As expected, the crowds came out, the visual effects department delivered, there was plenty of graphic violence, a gratuitous sex scene, and the characters were deeply flawed.

What would the United States be like if there were superhero crime fighters? Well, Watchmen is one person's interpretation. Only one of the characters is gifted with actual superpowers and that is Dr. Manhattan who was departicalized in a nuclear accident - now he can do pretty much everything he wants. His main job though is to stave off nuclear war with the Soviets. The bad guy, a secret until the end, wants to get the missiles in the air. And the real hero is Rorschach, a manic-revenge guy who is the only one still wearing a cape.

While the film is a great production as a whole, it doesn't quite nail the whole issue of human nature as it means to and aside from Rorschach, the characters are slightly boring. The soundtrack rocks, Malin Akerman looks great and so do a few choice scenes, but it ultimately fails to provoke.

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