We Own the Night (2007)

Here, we watch some 1988 NYC cops collide with a Russian drug cartel that operates out of a popular night club.

The drug thing is really secondary to the compelling story of brothers on both sides of the law and a father who approves of one. The not so much lawless, but rather selfish and rebellious brother faces his underworld entourage and the brotherhood of policemen and must make a choice.

The earthy nature of the film really works. This isn't glamourous NYC. This is working class NYC. The characters don't know what to do. They can't communicate very well. They are tough, but they're mortal too.

Something doesn't work in this film, but I can't identify what it is exactly. It may be that the inner transformation of the characters is so invisible throughout the film, that we lose a bit of interest. It's a minor flaw.

Truth: It is both unlikely and pointless to avoid choosing between a life of service and a life of self-service. Fathers' words have weight.

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