I Am A Sex Addict (2005)

I Am a Sex Addict is an autobiographical film accounting for the struggle the protagonist, Caveh Zahedi, has with sex with prostitutes. Entering adulthood with ideas of free and open relationships, Caveh meets every temptation with full honesty giving way to multiple sexual partners. His marriages and dating relationships fall apart even though he is completely open with them about his desire for other women.

This is an exploration of addiction: the innocence, the temptation, the encounters, the pain, the weakness, the cycle. Fortunately, Caveh doesn't leave us defeated with him, he presents hope in the least likely (for him) of places: a traditional marriage and a counseling group.

The film was shot on digital film, but it is very well done and is fine on TV. The filmmaker is honest to his viewers so much so that the budget for the film nearly becomes a character in the story.

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