Control (2007)

Celebrity photography Anton Corbijn directs his debut film with a biography of Ian Curtis, the front man for Joy Division.

The film transports us to the late 70's when punk rock is giving birth to a new era of music. Joy Division breaks onto the scene with original lyrics and solid bass rhythms. The singer is a gentle man who marries young and has trouble facing the fame and temptations. We can see the genius of the protagonist, but also his humanity. This gives the film its life and its depth. 

Corbijn clearly likes contrast and lines as the film is shot in black and white. The actors are superbly cast and the writing is sensational with each character delivering suitable lines for their unique characters. Overall, the picture is superbly made and it has a great soundtrack.

Truth: Hope is a powerful thing, bringing life. Hopelessness is just as powerful, yielding death.

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