Flashdance (1983)

Amber brought this classic home from the library and I joined in watching as I had never seen it and as far as films go, Flashdance is a slice of cinematic history and a standard as far as women are concerned. I thought I would gain an education.

Alex is an 18 year old welder in Pittburgh. She is apparently orphaned and highlights as an exotic dancer. Her dream is to be a ballerina, but she doesn't have the formal training or the money (or the guts to try out). The boss of the mine she works at notices the exotic youngster and they two form a relationship.

The entire story is pretty lame and predictable, but it delivers on the passion and butt close-ups. We had some good laughs at the expense of eighties culture, but we weren't inspired to follow our dreams. At least I wasn't.


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