Enchanted (2007)

From the moment I saw the preview for this film, I thought the premise for the story was brilliant: a self parody by Disney on its princess movies.

When cartoon Princess Gisele (a lovely blend of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty) gets pushed into a portal, she emerges into real life NYC. Her optimism, sewing skills, compulsion to burst into song, and communicative powers over animals (mostly rats and pidgeons) stick however. Some characters from happily-ever-after-land follow her and a pursuit and love story ensue.

The story was a bit predictable and it is really the incidental events that amuse. Some of the jokes are forced and geared towards a much younger audience than should be watching a film like this. What is ultimately the joy of this movie is watching Disney poke fun at itself and much of the make believe land that has become a cultural mainstay over the last 75 years.

Deserving kudos is the special effects department for the closing montage of a pop-up book that merges back and forth into real life. The costumes were pretty fun too.

Truth: Romance and love should have a balanced blend of realism and mystery. Don't accept bright shiny apples from hunched over strange old women wearing black cloaks.

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