Caché (2005)

How do the hidden sins affect mankind? Caché (Hidden) offers the perspective from one man that can be translated to entire nations. It ultimately asks more questions than it answers and therein lies its strength. We are forced to seek what is hidden in the film and then when the film ends, the camera is turned onto us.

The film is tense and the pacing is incredibly slow, reminding me a little of Frantic, another film set in Paris. A married couple and their son receive video tapes anonymously that depict their home, from some sort of surveillance camera. Later, drawings appear and more tapes. The items evoke nightmares from the man's past and the journey into vague guilt begins.

The discomfort in the film is how realistic the characters speak and how mundane their life is despite one working as a public television show host and the other as a book editor: public figures with hidden lives. The film is quite openended and this reveals a success: discussion.

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