Paris, je t'aime (2006)

"Fall in love 18 times" with this collection of 18 short films by different world class directors about love in Paris.

It would take a long time and be a fruitless attempt to write about each sketch. I thoroughly enjoyed the various aspects the directors took on love in the great city. We see that perhaps there aren't even enough Greek words for love as sometimes it's bittersweet, never attained, purely mental, or even unrecognizable.

Each film is extremely different from the other. We have most of them in French, others in English, Spanish and Arabic giving heed to the multicultural nature of France today. The directors let us dive into so many people's windows though that the stories begin to blend into each other and we begin to get a picture of humanity as a whole.

Truth: There is life outside of ourselves that when we learn the stories, we can connect with.

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