The Bucket List (2007)

Rob Reiner delivers another feel good movie, on dying this time.

We make all the necessary stops along he way - discussion on the afterlife, the pain of the terminal illness, and facing whether or not life has been lived to the fullest. Fortunately, each stop is done with grace, depth, wit, and humour.

The characters are not that original - Jack Nicholson playing an ornery rich guy and Morgan Freeman playing a smart, pensive guy. Maybe they should have switched parts and we could have seen them really act.

Speaking of humour, one scene, close to the end, had me in stitches.

The list of things to do before one kicks the bucket is vibrant and determines meanings unintended by its authors. For me, this is the most vivid picture left by the film - finding meaning where we did not anticipate meaning.

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amber {daisy chain} said...

I've been resisting this one, but your description has changed my mind, I'll give it a shot.

Unknown said...

I hope you enjoy it. It's not fantastic, but the makers of the film (director and actors) can't really go wrong.