11'09''01 - September 11 (2002)

This is a collection of eleven films of 11 minutes 9 seconds 1 frame each all on the subject of the terrorist attacks of 11.9.01 in NYC. Each film is from a different country and by a different director.

This film really deserves 11 reviews, but I'll highlight all the shorts here:

The British one is my favorite - a documentary of a Chilean immigrant who also remembers another September 11, one where the United States was the aggressor in Chile. Burkina Faso and Iran emphasize the innocence of children and the amazing waste of money used in warfare when there are so many other needs. Mexico forces us to use our sense of hearing and gives us sounds from the actual attack - truly horrifying against a black backdrop with infrequent frames of people falling from the towers. India retells a heartrending story of Pakistani immigrants in NYC. Israel contrasts the attacks with its daily struggle against terrorism, while Bosnia Herzegovina also contrasts the memorial of the recent deaths with the 9/11 attacks. France and United States show that good can come out of such tragedy. Japan tells an odd moral tale about holy wars. Egypt gives supernatural perspective on terrorism.

Having all of these perspectives are truly a treasure.

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