Who is Cletis Tout? (2001)

Not as fast paced or zippy as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Smoking Aces, but along the same lines. We get a narrated story from a guy at gunpoint. The man holding the gun likes movies and makes the story into a movie before our eyes. If the movie is good, the good guy will live.

It's easy to see why many good actors flock to films like this one - small part, big money. While the film isn't horrible, it doesn't stick with you for any amount of time after the credits roll either. It's simply meant to entertain and get you going for 90 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, the story is transformed into a screenplay and old movies get quoted throughout. The screenwriter wants to make us aware that he knows what he is doing and this really didn't work here - not nearly as effective as Adaptation. The story is unique, but quite far-fetched and there really isn't much we can relate to (for instance, my father never spent years in prison, nor have I ever worked with homing pidgeons).

What ultimately fails is the effort to try and exude a 1950's through 1970's film atmosphere - and it's because it tries too hard.

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