Death at a Funeral (2007)

This is another British situational comedy without much of a point, but with plenty of laughs.

A small group of family and friends join to bid farewell to a dead patriarch, each with his own agenda. When some mistakenly labeled psychotropic pills and a blackmailing former lover of the deceased are added to the mix, the initial plans to just get through the event are forsaken in order to get through with some kind of dignity.

Though some of the characters fall flat and are typical British cliché, others shine. The situations are often funnier than what the characters end up doing with their parts too. It is a funny movie, but it could have gone a couple steps higher. Only one episode stands out for me, when one character gets poop on his hand and face, the antics are quite hilarious. The rest of it can be seen coming minutes ahead of time.

Truth: We must accept one another, despite our very obvious flaws.

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