Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

Hercule Poirot delivers a masterful performance through Albert Finney. A snow trapped train in Yugoslavia gives detective Poirot time to investigate the murder of one of the passengers. He interviews each of the distinguished and oddball international passengers while deftly maneuvering through red herrings.

What struck me was how very portly and wooden Poirot is with glossy slicked back hair and a penchant for gourmet food and being bothered. His contemporaries seem either quite put off by him or very respectful because of his reputation as a masterful detective. Each character is portrayed brilliantly and it is fun to see young versions of some actors who continue to make films.

It is difficult to discuss the actual mystery without giving away the ending, so I'll restrain myself. I do say that piecing it together with Poirot pleases and the 25 minute expository ending titillates.

Truth: Right or wrong, people have an innate sense of justice that is used to excuse acts of vengeance.


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