Tarnation (2003)

This is definitely the most unique, personal, and painful telling of a story I have seen.

The documentary is a collection of home movies that Jonathan Caouette shot over 20 years then edited on iMovie (he uses every possible effect that iMovie allowed). The story of his life is indeed worth telling and the modus operandi is certainly appropriate with all of its shaky camera movements and washed out colour.

Jonathan is raised by his grandparents, the parents of his mother who they elected to have treated with electric shock therapy after falling off a roof. Jon's mother is not herself and is not competent to raise Jonathan. After suffering abuse in his childhood, he enters an adolescence defined by drug use, homosexual relationships, violent psychotic episodes, alternative films and punk music. As he matures and moves to NYC, he begins to seek what went wrong; he begins to seek the truth.


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