Superbad (2007)

Stepping back into junior high/high school is easy when you're a guy; just pop in Superbad. The stream of bestial obscenities took me right back to the hallways of the Polyvalente and JCS.

When the quest of a film's protagonists is fellatio, many viewers hit the stop button. Many adults avoid the adolescent subculture because of the horrors therein, but I believe it is important to understand what is motivating such destructive behaviour. I think I'm able to recognize that this is real life for many teenage boys, so I keep watching. Plus, the film tremendously funny.

As with most comedies, some of the especially unrealistic aspects of the story go too far and that always hurts the film. The depth of character of the two close social rejects drives the film far more than renegade cops trying to impress a boy.

Truth: The relationships that allow us to be completely honest and vulnerable that are the deepest and most loving.

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