Pane e Tulipani (2000)

Laden with excellent actors and original writing, most of whom are quite famous in Europe, this film delivers on all fronts.

We meet Rosalba, an Italian on a tour bus through Italy. She gets separated from the group and this moment of fresh air gives her a chance to reevaluate her marriage, her life and other deeper things. She makes the moment stretch serendipitously by moving to Venice and beginning a job as a florist while her teenage sons and husband make due without her and without the ability to contact her (she contacts them with postcards).

It is more of a parable of life rather than what could ever happen in real life. The characters are colourful and brilliant and draw life out of our heroine. Even though the film is mainly set in Venice, it's not the city that we and Rosalba are drawn to, it is the people. People make our lives rich. Rosalba's husband doesn't get this and neither does her oldest son; their main focus is making money.


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