Curious George (2006)

The man in the panama hat is back with his monkey friend.

I always like the innocence of Curious George and despite how enraging he was, everything always seemed to be OK. The introduction to George in this film really endears the viewers to a playful and creative monkey - who on top of it all is orphaned - which might explain why he is so undisciplined.

What truly made this film enjoyable for me was the reactions it brought out of my 2-year-old son. It is a much slower paced film than recent Disney ones, the characters speak clearly and the animation is simple. Of course it is done this way because it is marketed towards very young children. It was also quite funny in spots, even for adults.

Jack Johnson's music is wonderful and worth watching the movie just to hear the songs.

Some propaganda that I draw from the man in the yellow hat (I can't bring myself to call him by his new movie name) is his expressed belief in early man as descended from monkey. What a thing to teach children, when it is still only a theory and one that has very little evidence!

The beautiful truths that I detect in the film are the joy of adventure, unconditional love, and the virtue of curiosity.

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