The Da Vinci Code (2006)

So, now I have seen what the fracas was all about. I never read the book, but I was always quite perturbed by Christians who felt that it was their calling to refute a piece of fiction.

This film got poor reviews, perhaps for its extended running time, perhaps for its less than rounded characters, perhaps by Catholic lobby, who knows? For that reason, I didn't expect much.

The film is very entertaining, as I imagine the book to be, full of twists and turns and surprise ending after surprise ending after surprise ending. I find the questions it poses of faith and the trust we have in history to be intriguing, not shaking or shattering.

The visual effects are commendable too as the stories of history are told, they come to life in the shadows. Because there is a lot of back story, the pacing has to fight with tons of exposition and we can see all the tricks employed in delivering information in the most exciting manner possible.

Truth: We should always be prepared to know what we are willing to die for. There are powers at work to keep people in darkness and ignorance.

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