Say Anything... (1989)

Certain I wouldn't really like this 80's romantic comedy, I begrudgingly sat down to watch it with a bunch of women. Happily, I was smitten immediately with this classic teenage romance.

Lloyd is graduating and hasn't much direction in life, but a solid belief that kickboxing will be big in the future. He gets up the nerve to call the prettiest and smartest girl in his class and ask her out. He manages to charm her enough to scare her daddy.

The Cusack siblings do super well as youth, keeping the angst levels just below boiling point and maintaining a cool realism. This film was made in response to all those sappy teenage 80's movies.

Oh, and SNL has a great parody of the scene Lloyd is holding up the stereo playing Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes.


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Amber said...

This was surprisingly good wasn't it? Always trust your wife my dear :)