Star Trek (2009)

I hadn't been planning to watch this film but many non-Trekkies kept recommending it to me and it was playing on the plane. So, I caved and was pleasantly entertained throughout.

A blackhole time warp causes a rift in the reality that the futuristic Star Trek world enjoyed. Viewers are taken back to when their beloved U.S.S. Enterprise bridge crew is leaving academy and joining the spaceship for its maiden voyage. Captain Kirk is a promising rogue who earns his stripes on the field in competition with his not yet pal Spock.

The story is not strong, but it serves as an adequate vehicle to see the young characters bumble along. Unfortunately, the two leads get generally boring and unimpassioned roles. The ones who really steal the show are ship doctor Bones McCoy, ensign Pavel Chekov, and pilot Hikaro Sulu as they deliver some stellar one-liners.

The visual effects are great and the symphony soundtrack is excellent. The hard rock tunes could have been omitted to enhance the experience.

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