Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Wow! Fantastic. I'm going to watch the TV series Six Feet Under after having watched this incredible film by the same author.

Loner Lars orders a lifesized woman doll and pretends to his family and friends that it is real. Upon the advice of a doctor, everyone in the town plays along. In a very muted manner, we learn how Lars got to be the way he is. Not much more can be said about the themes of the film without giving away the entire plot.

The acting is very compelling as is the bleak wintery landscape. 

Truth: Human touch can deeply hurt or deeply heal.

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Braided Threads said...

Hey, I like your thoughts on the films you've been watching. I posted recently on Lars and the Real Girl too at http://braidedthreads.blogspot.com/2008/07/lars-and-real-girl.html

I also like the list of links to films you've watched on the right side of your blog. Did you have to insert those one at a time or did you find a way to automate that?

Zaak said...

Thanks threads. I enjoyed your thoughts on Lars and the Real Girl too. The freudian stuff just added a bit of tension for me which helped with the pacing - otherwise it could have been painfully slow.

In regards to my list, I post them there myself, manually. I'm kind of a list nut anyway, so it's fun to watch it grow.