The Perfect Storm (2000)

So, I get that the filmmakers wanted to eulogize and honour the dead at sea from Gloucester, Massachusetts, but why did they have to do it in such a melodramatic way?

When a fishing captain decides to return to sea during storm season and brings a ragtag group of money hungry down-and-outers who love to fish, they encounter the storm of the century. They meet it head on and go down in a blaze of glory while their moms and significant others languish at a fisherman's bar back in Gloucester.

While the fellowship between the boatmen is well noted and so is the hard life of a swordfish catcher. The movie makes a grave error by transforming the real men into comic book heros at sea with balls to big for their rainsuits. James Horner's sweeping orchestral soundtrack was way over the top leaving little room for any kind of real analysis or empathy towards the ocean's victims.

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