The Godfather Part III (1990)

After reading a bit of the history of the making of this final chapter (?) of The Godfather trilogy, I am inspired at how hurdles made the film so much better. Without huge debt, without having filmmakers having to deal with actor negotiations, without studio execs' demands this film wouldn't have turned out so fantastic. I do wish that Robert Duvall had accepted the $5 million they offered him and had joined the project. Oh well.

Jumping ahead a decade from Part II, Michael Corleone has remodeled his image and made billions more, but this time through 'legitimate' business. His family is still splintered and he still reels from the guilt he incurred though some actions he performed as the illegal godfather that he was. Throughout the film, we see Michael try to piece together his life and wash away his sins.

The story blends in several historical figures including the 30-day pope and the controversial figures surrounding his murder as well as adapting some gangsters into shady side characters. We meet a few fabulous new actors along with the old ones and the story is rich with layers of deceipt and heartache.

We are witness to a man largely unwilling to confess his sins and a world who is even less willing to forgive.


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