Runaway Jury (2003)

Twists and turns. Psychological and violent thriller. Idealism and ruthlessness. What else could one expect from a film based on a John Grisham novel?

As usual, we are taken along for a ride with both lawyers and the people who hang around lawyers. The case is a civil one where a widow is suing a gun manufacturer for being indirectly liable for her husband's death. Because of the fallout if the plaintiff wins, the defense calls on the aid of an expert jury selection team who profiles each potential juror and recommends which ones out to stand. One juror however has his own rules and everyone except the judge gets to play along.

Again, as with all Grisham adaptations, the cast is loaded with high profile actors and all of them turn terrific performances. The film gained attention for pitting Dustin Hoffman against Gene Hackman, the first time the two legends had collaborated.

The film is smart. The film is fast. The film is full of adrenaline. The film is mildly thought provoking too, though the issues of integrity and justice are muted by the excitement of the film. It's a good time chasing some good ideas.

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