Casino Royale (2006)

A new Bond, a new attitude towards the ladies. This spy movie gets a little bit more personal and a little less gadgety. I found the introduction to the new Bond quite interesting. It actually implies that the old MI6 007 spy died and this new James Bond took his place with a license to kill.

Mr. Bond tracks terrorist money in this more subdued thriller. First he propels an incredible foot chase in Madagascar. Then he foils an airport bombing in Florida. Finally he goes to the poker tables in Montenegro to win money that would otherwise be won by terrorist investor Le Chiffre.

Without looking too hard for a moral or message, as the film isn't really made to present one, I found that the it was trying to identify more with current audiences - a more sensitive Bond, bound by duty, but still a gentleman - rather than maintain the Bond image. Still, the ladies are voluptuous. The cars are fast and sleek. The lines are loaded with double-entendre. In the end, it's still a Bond movie at heart.

Truth: Even James Bond has a vulnerable layer deep down.

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