The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Because the 2003 movie version of the Hulk wasn't good enough, and to produce a precursor to the upcoming Iron Man 2 coming next year, it seemed necessary to give Hulk a new look. Thus, this movie, another Marvel Comics production.

Bruce Banner is hiding out in Brazil after having gone 6 months without an episode of turning into the rage filled Hulk. When US Army/CIA (movies don't care who the bad guys are, they just need lots of guns, surveillance and dark sunglasses, right?) sniff him out, he's forced to defend himself and actively seek his remedy. Another guy decides he likes what Banner has and tries some for himself.

For a superhero movie, this is actually pretty fun and tense. Marvel has discovered that in order to make a good movie, they need to hire top actors and top writers. Enjoy the show.

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