Shattered Glass (2003)

A smart film about a recent event. We get a glimpse behind the scenes of a scandal that almost took down a magazine.

The New Republic, a political magazine with a history of important readership, finds itself with a renegade reporter who not only fabricates stories, but the sources and references for the story. What is also remarkable about this reporter is the deft manner he draws allies to himself and insists his innocence to the end.

I enjoyed this film quite a bit. It's neither pretentious nor does it over explain the story. The acting is very strong, particularly with Peter Saarsgard, one of the antagonist. The a less than likable protagonist's character, Glass, is particularly manipulative and we get a glimpse into a bit of his psyche thanks to Hayden Christensen. The film is pretty straight forward.

Truth: We tend to believe who we want to believe.

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