2 Days in Paris (2007)

This is a bold film about staying together.

A couple spends the last two days of a European holiday in Paris with the woman's friends and family. The slightly neurotic American becomes increasingly jealous of his girlfriend's relationships with ex-boyfriends. The promiscuous and lying French woman becomes annoyed at her boyfriend's lack of understanding of what she perceives French culture to be.

The wealth in this film comes from the biting humour and cynicism from all of its characters. It portrays a post-love era in the city of lights and romance where reality reigns. The 30-somethings starve for stability and comfort while at the same time mocking it.

Writer-director-actress Julie Delpy does a fine job of keeping the characters earthy, including making herself look a little frumpy rather than a sex kitten.

Truth: Maintaining a relationship is a choice, one that must be held fast to. Couple's can't rely on romantic love to propel a relationship into eternity.

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