Forrest Gump (1994)

Since I saw it in theatre in the summer of 1994 after working five weeks at summer camp and not having a clue what this movie was about (I missed all the hype), Forrest Gump has remained one of my favorite films for it's tender portrayal of Forrest by weaving a golden thread into tumultuous recent American history.

A simpleton inadvertently becomes all that is considered to be the crown of America - sports hero, millionaire, war hero, and a southern gentleman - but not without continuous heartache. We fall in love with the man who is so severely vulnerable and generous.

I must commend the A-class acting that we get to see or the superb non-distracting special effects that buoy the entire cinematic experience.

The film ties strings of destiny and choice to the plot and I never truly enjoyed that part of the film. The story is so farfetched that I couldn't buy into the destiny aspect of it. I relate much more strongly to Forrest's decision to do what he believes is right and being duly rewarded for it. The destiny aspects are certainly more pronounced in the tragic, yet redeemed lives of his closest peers who have stumbling blocks piled on their doorsteps from day one.

The backdrop, as mentioned, is America through four complete decades. The eras are neatly conjoined through presidential meetings and assassination attempts (makes me wonder whatever happened to people who try to assassinate the president these past 7 years). An American 2-disc soundtrack suitably sets the social tone in each scene Racial tensions, peace protests, Vietnam, and the disillusionment of the 1980s set an ideal sequence for the maturity of a nation as well as a man.

Aside from being a monumental love story, this is what the film is about: Manifest Destiny vs. doing what is right. I think more of America's leaders should watch this film.


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amber {daisy chain} said...

I'll have to watch this one again, but I do remeber that it rocked. maybe on a cold rainy winter night I'll pick this one up.