Wal✭Mart Nation (2007)

It is remarkable that more films have not been made about the anti-Wal*Mart movement. This is a Canadian undertaking that documents a few grassroots activists who are determined to spread anti-Wal*Mart sentiment to the masses. The big question is Why?

When the high volume low prices big box store moves into a town, research shows that the other commercial centres, especially the small ones, but even bigger ones suffer and expire. This leaves a single benefactor for a town's consumption and in Canada's case, the profits leave the country. The way the earth's most powerful store treats their employees is also called into question as well as how they treat their suppliers.

In the film, which is both objective and passionately involved, we see how the movement grows against Wal*Mart, but also how it continues to be supported by consumers who are more concerned about saving a few bucks than they are about addressing important issues of economics, equity and community.

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