Stone Reader (2002)

A man discovers a giant of a book in his library that he meant to read 25 years earlier and never got around to it. After reading it and being thoroughly moved and inspired he decides to research the author and read his other titles only to discover that there is no information on him and there are no other books by the author.

The documentary filmmaker decides to shoot a film about the search for this master author. In its stead, the film becomes one about how we relate to books, their authors and how great books become successes.

From the get go, I was surprised by the method that the filmmaker used to draw in the audience and have them look at the books they've read and allowed to become a part of them (though he didn't give much time to reflect on them). We become active participants. The first action in the film is him talking about making the film with his camera man. He brings us backstage and into the editing room and talks about the making of the film as it's being made. This is kind of fun really.

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