License to Wed (2007)

Watching this is one is like watching a series of Saturday Night Live skits blended with Spy Kids with a sharp turn towards sentimentality at the end. Not a great piece of work.

I laughed. There were some funny lines. I also sat straight faced for most of the escapades that seemed to be geared towards 15-year-olds despite much of the subject matter being geared towards adults. Knocked Up achieved far more relevance.

The cast has four actors from The Office (Jim, Kelly, Angela, and Kevin - all of them in Office character) plus a typical Robin Williams and the lovely non-actress Mandy Moore. Seems like a recipe that a lot of recent comedies are trying to follow rather than being ingenious.

The worst part of the film involved the two main characters who have gone through a hellish episodic pre-marital course explaining the virtues they have learned in the course. We don't see a transformation as much as we get a lecture on what tools are necessary to keep a marriage healthy. In essence, don't worry about trying to figure anything out in this film, it's handed to you on a silver platter.

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