Son of Rambow (2007)

In the tradition of Be Kind, Rewind and Napoleon Dynamite, this film explores the realms of creativity, being sheltered, and friendship. 

Two school misfits (one a behavioural nightmare, the other a religious recluse) become fast friends and decide to secretly produce a film "The Son of Rambow" during their afternoon hours. It quickly becomes political as other students become involved and they face different obstacles with their families.

The beauty in the film is the innocence that the children display. As victims of two extremes in parental moral failure, they demonstrate the strength of will to create and love. 

The film is very quirky as it's set in British public school in the early 1980's. There are some definitely enjoyable and funny parts, but there are also some rather corny stunts that hinder rather than enhance the film.

Truth: Love should have no bounds. Creativity draws  people together.

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