WALL·E (2008)

Pixar nails it again with a smart flick. It is amazing that the film succeeds even when the first half of the movie has virtually no dialogue.

WALL-E, a lone robot left on earth cleaning up garbage, passes his time crushing tin and discovering treasures that he stores in his shelter. Humans have been whisked away on survival spacecraft for several centuries now until greenery reoccurs. A probe, EVE, sent from one of the ships comes and meets WALL-E who gives her a plant. The two get picked up and they have an adventure on one of the giant survival ships.

The robots are hilarious as they tangle with other robots and people. The people are the definition of pity: incapacitated by weight, low bone density, and zero muscle strength - just globs really.

This is really a terrific film about the glory and necessity of the natural, something I've been mulling over for a few years now. The animation kicks butt too.

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