Che: Part One (2008)

Without my bias of being named Che, I have to say that this is an incredible feat of filmmaking. Steven Soderbergh has yet to disappoint me.

Part one of this film deals with Ernesto "Che" Guevera beginning with his first encounter with Fidel Castro in Mexico. Together, they lead an invading force in Cuba which gradually, through guerilla warfare and the support of Cubans and the world press, push the dictator Batista out of power. The revolution is juxtaposed against a black and white dramatization of Che's visit to New York's United Nations assembly where he presents a case against the American embargo against the socialist island nation.

The film is very realistic in its portrayal and does not play on emotions with sappy music and slow motions during the battles. Instead of music, Che speaks ideology over the gunfight sequences, making the fighting more meaningful and less emotionally driven.

We also see Che's reaction to the humanity he encounters - both the victories and failures. And Benicio del Toro deserves the best actor award he got at Cannes, no question!

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