Mar Adentro (2004)

It is remarkable to contrast this true story film from Spain with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly from France. Both are extremely well made, but the two characters have very different views on life.

Ramón has been a quadripeligic for 30 years and wishes to be euthanized. From the early days of his condition he fails to find much value in his life and writes poetry to express it as such. Despite his wish to die, the remarkable thing is that his life is filled with love, expression and desire - more than so many other mobile people alive. The film focuses on a few relationships and on the legal battle to be euthanized.

While I agree with granting the right to individuals to be euthanized, it would never be my choice and I don't feel that the film compels the viewer into believing that it is ever a positive choice - especially for someone who is not in pain - and that's not a bad thing.

Truth: The state should have no rights over individuals' choices if they cause no harm to others. Life is always of value and one should focus on the value rather than the shortcomings.

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